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No perfect wedding day is complete without an amazing reception, intimately gathering together up to seventy of your closest friends and family to celebrate the union between you and your partner. We have a reception room that can perfectly bring your loved ones together, establishing a cosy and jovial atmosphere as you dine. Large window panes along the wall give incredible views of the valley as it is lit by the dark orange hue of the setting sun. Lining the walls of the room are works of art, both vintage and modern, that provide an exquisite setting. The next room over, we have a large dining room that we outfit as a dance floor, so you can have a fun area devoted to lively dancing without disturbing the guests who wish to simply relax at the table and chat. Your reception can
be just the way you want it, with plenty of room for candy-bars, games, or a photo-booth. Whatever your picture perfect reception looks like, we will be able to accommodate that, and provide you with something that will surpass your dreams.

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